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I’m obsessed with ka-BROW! by Benefit and you should be too!

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I don’t know when perfect  eyebrows became illusive. All I know is, no one I know has them. But ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel by Benefit is bringing me pretty damn close!

Normally I use brow pencils, but this ka-BROW! gel is surprisingly easy even for an eyebrow novice like myself! The base contains the cream-gel pot and the stem breaks off to reveal the tiny brush for sculpting your brows.


ka-BROW comes in six shades; I use number 5 which is more natural than the jet black 6, but not as close to my skin tone as number 4. The color blends REALLY well with my own brows and makes it less noticeable that I’ve filled them in!


One of the other perks of using ka-BROW!  is how easy it is to correct your mistakes. The cream-gel formula takes a bit longer than other gels before setting in, so if you have to go back and wipe a bit off it’s not a problem! I have found that covering my mistakes in a light concealer works really well  if I over draw.

Benefit ka-BROW close up

Helpful tip: Start by sculpting the shape of your brow at the bottom, then top before filling in. Use only a little bit of product as it does go a long way. If you find that you’ve shaded your brows but want more drama you can dip back into the cream-gel for more build-able coverage.

ka-BROW! Benefit Cosmetics cream-gel



The one thing missing from making ka-BROW perfect is a spoolie. I loved the now discontinued “brow architect” by tarte as a travel-friendly 3-in-1 spoolie, pencil and concealer and wish that Benefit considered making the pointy tip a spoolie instead. If you don’t already own a spoolie be sure to buy one separately, Benefit’s new Gimme Brow volumizing eyebrow gel is probably a good option.


KaBrow Pow will be available starting Friday June 24 at Benefit and Sephora. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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