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Kanye and Kim K more than make out in ‘Bound 2′ video

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Michelle Obama can’t star in a video like this.



Kanye took to the Ellen show to reveal the visual for his latest single “Bound 2”,  where his  baby mama  fiancee Kim Kardashian stars as the leading lady and calls on the “talents” that made her famous in the first place.

The video starts off visually “creative” enough with images of mountains and wild horses running free but once the beat drops we somehow make it to shots of the outspoken rapper riding a motorcycle, eventually joined by a topless Kim Kardashian. Though Kanye is fully dressed (in a shirt with holes) and it’s made clear Kim is wearing jeans, the two simulate making love. But why is that necessary?

Maybe Kimye is trying to show us how in love they are with this visual? Perhaps. But Jayonce has a whole catalog of songs and videos about their relationship without getting naked, and we still get the point.

Click the link below  to see the video for yourself. Yes, Kim’s hair and makeup is flawless, but other than that are you feeling it?

via Kanye West’s New Video: ‘Bound 2’.