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Kanye Drops Interactive Video for ‘Black Skinhead’

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BLKKK55Though an unofficial video for “Black Skinhead” has already leaked, Kanye West told the world via Twitter rant that that video was NOT the official video, and if we’d be a bit more patient, he and Nick Knight would release the project they’ve been losing sleep over. Well Kanye’s latest little masterpiece is officially here.


Kanye’s video for “Black Skinhead” is everything you imagine – dark images of angry barking dogs, West in black KKK-like attire, and a shirtless, toned video-game version of West rapping into the camera. So what exactly makes this video interactive? The little Instagram logo on the upper right hand corner. Looking for a still shot? Click the logo and it automatically grabs a screen shot. Want to hear a screwed version of the song? Use the +/- feature to slow it down to your desired pace. Bonus – the cursor is a small black hand giving the middle finger.

Want to play the video yourself? Click here.

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