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Kanye has a talk with Jesus in the ‘Yeezus’ teaser trailer

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Didn’t make it to Yeezy’s impromptu, exclusive listening party this Monday? You can still hear a snippet of music from his forthcoming album Yeezus.


Kanye West released the 32 second trailer yesterday on his website. The video features a looping GIF of Kanye in the studio recording what appears to be “I am a God”. There are no instrumentals in this teaser, just an a capella rhyme.

For those who take issue with Kanye calling himself  “Yeezus”, a play on “Jesus” the central figure of Christianity, the rapper does attempt to clarify his decision to take that name rapping,  “I know He the most high, but I am a close high”.

Listen for yourself below. Between this and “New Slaves” are you excited for Yeezus to drop June 18th?

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