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Kanye West compares himself to Nelson Mandela in latest rant

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Kanye-West-in-mask-at-concertLast night in a sermon rant during his Las Vegas show, Kanye West compared himself to the likes of Richard Pryor, Malcolm X and even Nelson Mandela.

Set to the tune of organ music, and with all the gusto of a Southern Baptist preacher, West started out ranting about the public’s reactions to his interview etiquette. West claimed people tell him superstars like Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan wouldn’t react the way he does. His response? “I ain’t Michael Jackson… You know who woulda did something like this though? Richard Pryor woulda did it. Muhammad Ali woulda did it. Malcolm X woulda did it. Mandela woulda did it!”

North West’s daddy went on to tell the crowd that he’s tired of being treated like “just a celebrity” before high-fiving the audience and jumping in the crowd. OK, Kanye. We get it. You’re more than just a musician or celebrity – you’re “Yeezus”.

Check out the video, courtesy of Revolt TV, below:

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