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Kanye West and Paul McCartney Drop ‘Only One’

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While most of the world was busy ringing in the new year, Kanye dropped a new super personal track called “Only One”.

Kanye Only One

For the first official single we’ve heard since the 2013 release of Yeezus, Kanye tapped Paul McCartney for the keyboard and channeled his Auto-Tune days a la 808s and Heartbreaks.

While “Dear Mama” – Kanye’s previous track dedicated to his mother – sings Donda West’s praises, “Only One” is a love letter from the deceased Donda to her ‘only one’ assuring him that things are okay even though she’s no longer with him. This track is super personal, with Kanye sharing thoughts he’d expect his mother to say about his new family and even referring to himself as “Mari”, a nickname derived from his middle name “Omari”.


You can purchase the touching ballad on iTunes, but check it out here first.

Just in case you’re in a rush to learn the lyrics Kanye wrote them out for us. The whole song is touching but nothing gets to me like “No you’re not perfect but you’re not your mistakes”.

Only One Lyrics 1

Only One 2

This song will be on repeat all day – but is anyone else getting tired of these midnight releases?

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  • Nique

    His handwriting scares me

    • U know creatives have crazy handwriting! But the lyrics are so touching. This is the old Kanye everyone was begging for when Yeezus dropped.