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Keranique’s Clean and Condition Set: Worth the Splurge or Waste of Money?

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I had a chance to try Keranique’s Clean & Condition Set and I have to admit – I’m less than impressed. Together the duo was too drying and didn’t do much for my hair.

Keranique’s Clean & Condition set claims to create thicker, fuller hair but in four weeks of using the set my strands only got drier. I blame the conditioner.

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I’ve tried a thickening conditioner before. I’m aware they dry out your hair a bit – it’s necessary for the volume – and shouldn’t be used daily if you have curls or kinks of any kind. In the past I’ve managed to use a thickening conditioner in a rotation with others so that I still feel the volumizing effects without suffering from dryness, but I can’t say Keranique’s conditioner works the same. My hair was dry after the FIRST use of this Volumizing Keratin Conditioner, and any attempt to salvage moisture didn’t go well. I tried adding my favorite oils, rotating with moisturizing conditioners and following with leave-ins but nothing seemed to work.

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It didn’t help that the Keranique Scalp Stimulatig Shampoo strips oils out as well. After washing every drop of oil from my scalp and following with the Keratin Conditioner I was left with a Brillo pad on top of my head! My hair was getting drier, only slightly thicker and my curls went from perfectly defined coils to a rough ball that couldn’t be detangled. Not cool.

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For a kinky curly girl this combo simply isn’t good together. I’ve decided I’ll hold on to the shampoo so that my tresses get a good clean and some volume but the conditioner has got to go! I didn’t get enough volume to justify the amount of moisture that’s stripped away after using the conditioner. The shampoo alone has proved to be thickening enough when paired with a moisturizing shampoo so I’ll keep it in my rotation for now.



**Product was provided c/o Keranique in exchange for this review**

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