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Kiss Pop Lip Color Sticks by Marc Jacobs: Fiesta’s Finds

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Since I particularly love the lipsticks from Marc Jacobs Beauty,  I couldn’t wait to try the new Kiss Pop Lip Color Sticks from their Fall 2014 collection. Kiss Pop Lip Color Sticks come in nine different shades ranging from nude to deep plum but I decided to test the waters with their “Pop” and Headliner” shades first.




Kiss Pop Lip Color Sticks Marc Jacobs

Pop” is a bright berry red that looks great against my dark skin – and probably many lighter complexions as well. Finding the right red is hard work, so I’m surprised that I actually love the way this shade looks on me. It’s brighter than the deep reds I’m used to, but works well for night as well as day, and we know I’ve been searching for a daytime appropriate lip color.




Kiss Pop Lip Color Sticks Headliner Marc Jacobs 2

If I learned anything from the #NoBareLips30 Challenge it’s that I though I have plenty of lipsticks, there’s always room for more variety! My other purples include a lavender and true violet, so I like that Headliner has a bit of a reddish tint to it. I’ve found it to be super versatile and use it as an easy burst of color when I’m wearing an otherwise simple outfit.


Kiss Pop Lip Color Sticks Marc Jacobs Headliner

What’s best about these kiss pop lip color sticks is that they’re so hydrating. I still recommend applying chapstick before using your kiss pop but I’ve found that I don’t necessarily need to reapply chapstick throughout the day the way I would with a matte lip color. That’s one less beauty item to carry around in my purse!



I also love the shape. Even though this crayon shaped design is slightly too big to squeeze into a lipstick compartment it fits alright in my lipstick holder, unlike the typical Lip Gels that come from Marc Jacobs.



Did I mention how long lasting these little gems are? Twelve hours, three meals, a trip to the gym and a glass of wine (don’t judge me) later I only needed to reapply my lipstick once! Even as the color fades it doesn’t disappear altogether, it simply fades into a lighter shade than the one you’ve already put on. Considering I tend to have long days and like anything that’ll help keep my makeup in place these are a welcome addition to my makeup collection!

Kiss Pop Lip Color Sticks by Marc Jacobs

Kiss Pop Lip Color Sticks hit stores Thursday July 24th along with three additional products from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Collection: O!Mega Lash Mascara, Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks and Smart Wand Tinted Face Sticks. Which of the nine shades are you dying to try?

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