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Lilly for Target has Everything You Need for a Day at the Beach!

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We’ve been waiting for a lookbook since Target first announced their Lilly Pulitzer collaboration and it’s finally here! Lilly for Target features over 250 items that are perfect for a day at the beach! This collection has trendy bathing suits and cute coverups, day dresses, sandals, beach bags and tons of seaside friendly accessories!

What sets Lilly Pulitzer for Target  from previous designer collaborations?  They’ve designed items specifically for plus size women! These aren’t the same patterns created for a size 2 simply made to fit a size 18, Lilly for Target created several unique designs for their plus size shoppers.


As if finally including plus-size women in a designer collaboration wasn’t enough, Lilly for Target takes cuteness up another level with items for young girls and toddlers! Girls prints are duplicates of the designs made for women, just miniature, so you can coordinate matching outfits with your daughter if you’d like to!


If you’re not in the market for beach-inspired clothes but still love the designs there are tons of options for Home Goods including cocktail glasses, decorative throw pillows and candle holders.

Lilly Pulitzer Home Cocktail Glasses

Need to carry essentials to the pool without bringing a huge bag? Check out their beauty section for train cases and clutches. There are a few options as well as new nail and lip lacquers courtesy of Essie and L’Oreal.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target hits stores April 19. I’m still trying to narrow down my own Lilly for Target wishlist but which items do you think you’ll be lining up for?



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