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LiLo pokes fun at herself on Chelsea Lately

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Linday Lohan filled in as a guest host on Chelsea Lately last night, and though this initially seemed it might go south, the star proved us wrong.


LiLo opened by thanking Kanye, Justin Bieber, and Anthony Weiner – the celebrities who’ve been “keeping the tabloids busy in her absence” while she completed a 90 day stint at Cliffside Rehabilitation Center in Malibu. The starlet continued on to host the roundtable with comedians Brad Wollack, Fortune Feimster and Jen Kirkman.

Lohan didn’t miss a chance to poke fun at herself – she compared her mess ups to Kanye’s noting that while he acts an ass and goes gold, she acts an ass and goes to jail. On a rumor about Harry Styles being “gay with a DJ” she commented, “been there, done that!” and even shared that she’s allergic to alcohol – the side effects are going to jail and rehab.

As far as actual hosting abilities? Lindsay clearly spent time keeping up with Chelsea Lately

while in rehab. Her actions were very reminiscent of the regular host – tossing a newspaper to the ground behind her and calling out her fellow redhead Brad Wollack for a poorly executed joke, something Chelsea Handler has never been shy about.


I must admit – I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. Lindsay has been discussed on the roundtable several times for her reckless behavior, arrests, questionable relationships and more. I guessed hosting might be a bit uncomfortable for the starlet but she managed to turn everything around and make the best of this gig. The whole world is watching to see if she’ll turn out to be the superstar we initially predicted she’d blossom, or the train wreck she’s been morphing into for the past 10 years. If last night’s work was any indication of where her career is headed LiLo’s future seems bright!

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