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LisaRaye flat iron Review and Giveaway!

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I’ve dedicated 2014 to DIY beauty, so coming across LisaRaye’s flat iron was a blessing!  I’ve finally found an iron hot enough to straighten my natural curls without damaging them. Oh yeah – it doesn’t hurt that the packaging is pretty too!
LisaRaye flat iron

A little background: Actress LisaRaye McCoy – you may know her as Diamond from the 90s movie The Players Club or Keshia from VH1s drama Single Ladies – recently launched her first flat iron with RedPro. LisaRaye is known for having flawless hair and rocking the hell out of white so what’s more appropriate than a white flat iron that actually has diamonds infused into the plates?

LisaRaye’s iron heats up to 460 degrees, which is hot enough to work on thick/coarse hair, but can be set lower for naturally straighter strands. Since my own hair is fine yet tightly curled, I prefer to use it at about 360 degrees, or lower when I feel the iron has gotten too hot.


When it comes to taking my hair from curly to straight this has been the easiest tool I’ve found in a long time! I stick to my normal regimen – shampoo, condition and nourish with heat-friendly products then blow dry straight before I flat iron. To get that salon perfect look I pass the iron through one inch sections from roots to ends quickly.  If I feel like adding a curl or need to give more attention to my roots I might pass the iron through a second time – but I don’t always find that to be necessary.


I love the packaging almost as much as I love the iron itself. It’s white, we know I love white, with blue plates that are infused with diamonds. In addition to the flat iron, the box comes with two hair clips and a finetooth rat tail comb – you’ll need these to section and smooth out your hair while straightening- as well as a heat resistant travel pouch. I’ve found the pouch particularly helpful on trips, since I can pack my straightening tools together neatly without worrying the iron might burn my clothes.



I do have one small gripe with the iron – the letters and numbers wipe off easily. After the first use I put my iron back in its heat resistant pouch and the next time I reached for it the temperature degrees had already rubbed off! I know I know, it’s a cosmetic gripe and doesn’t change how the iron works but how am I supposed to know how hot my iron is before it touches my hair?!

You can buy the flat iron on LisaRaye’s website for $99, find it at your local beauty supply store for $79 or enter to win one FREE from me!  One lucky follower will win a LisaRaye flat iron as well as a RedPro hair dryer so that you can straighten your own strands too!

To enter, leave a comment telling me about your hair straightening methods,  sign up for the Living Fiesta newsletter or follow @ItsEstaFiesta on Instagram and Twitter. Winner will be announced December 1st. Good luck!


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  • Neenah Suzuki Morris

    I used to love straightening my hair. But as of late, I haven’t been straightening it as much. I’ve lost a lot of volume to my hair and I hate how flat my hair looks when straightened. Im not sure what products could help with my dilemma.

    • Try not to put heat on it EVERY day – twice a week at most if you can. Before you straighten use heat resisting products (Motions has a great line) to protect your hair. If you’re worried about volume in general try volumizing shampoo/conditioner (Giovanni makes a great one and you can get it from Ricky’s). Hope this helps!!

  • Colleen Boudreau

    Almost everyday.

  • I can only flat iron my hair sparingly like when I get my ends cut. Dassit! I have only really done my one flat iron once it turned out good I was impresed. I hope I win lol!

    • You gotta make sure you blow dry it properly first. Then flat ironing gets easier!

  • krissie

    very rarely maybe 2 times a year maybe 3 times a year

  • marybeth

    Not that often but my daughter does frequently

    • Make sure she’s using a good heat protectant!

  • Mita

    Once or twice a month.

    • Often enough to know what you’re doing, but sparingly enough to avoid heat damage. Nice!!

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  • Channy B

    I flatiron my hair just about every other day. Although it is not as much humidity in California but I still have fine natural hair that allows for me to flat iron my hair because of the fizz and humidity that it does happen to have. i hate using too much because i am afraid of heat damage.

    • Wow that’s a lot! Are you using a heat protectant?

  • ariel cherie.

    i flatiron my hair about twice a year. i’m not too into the straight look for me. but i want this please, thanks. #CommentToTheUniverse

  • Sophia Gilbert

    Almost everyday!!

    • Wow! What is your hair texture?

      • Sophia Gilbert

        Its wavy but if its not my full head of hair I straighten, I at least do bangs 🙂

        • If your hair is wavy you’re probably not turning the heat on too high anyway right?

  • Lisa Peterson

    I only flatten mine on occasion but my daughter who has thicker hair flattens her’s almost everyday and uses a heat protectant and still ends up with split ends or pulling. She could surely benefit from a straightener like this. Thank you for the review 🙂 I am maxed on Twitter or I would love to follow you there as well!

    • Tell your daughter to make sure she’s moisturizing her ends. A little olive oil should help. Good luck!

  • Jexie Harlow

    I used to flat iron my hair all the time, but I never found one that worked well, or didn’t damage my hair. I would love to try this one! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    • Make sure you’re not turning the heat up too high – that’s where the damage comes from! Also avoid pointing the blog dryer too close to your scalp!

  • Dstblaze

    I flatiron no more than once or twice every 2 weeks or so in the winter, staying moisturized & frizz free with the use of Jane Carter solution, and usually just wear braids in the summer. I get it professionally straightened by a stylist, but am gradually learning to straighten my unrelaxed hair on my own. (2 years no perm as of last month!)

    • Good for you only flat ironing once in a while – too much heat is bad for your hair. I LOVE Jane Carter solution. Trust me – once you master straightening your own hair you’ll rarely visit the salon. Congratulations on going so long perm-free!!

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