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Little White Dress: Fiesta’s Summer Staple

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If you ask me little black dresses are overrated – I’m all about the little white dress. Everyone looks good in black, but apparently only a select few look great in white, and I’d like to think I’m part of that group.


Living Fiesta Wears White

Rockng white is like wearing a chic blank palate. Sure I could take the opportunity to show off bold colors, but it can be even nicer to pair it with neutrals and let the white dress pop on it’s own.


Living Fiesta Wears White 1

Living Fiesta Wears White 5

Thinking of rocking white this summer? Forgo the urge to wear it with black or red and see what you can do with a neutral!

Living Fiesta Wears White 3

Dress ~ Victoria’s Secret (old but I’d rock this) | Shoes ~ Nine West | Ring ~ Express | Sunglasses ~ New York & Co. (these are cool too)

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