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The (one) Fashion Trend I’m Bringing to 2016

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It’s New Year’s Eve aka time for the annual purge. We’ll share all the people, feelings and items we’re leaving behind and make plans for what we’ll work to gain in the new year. I’m doing something a bit different this year – I’m thinking about what I want to bring into 2016 – like Pantone’s 2015 color of the year Marsala.

Farewell 2015 Marsala - 01

I know its more popular to think about what to cut from our lives but it’s important to think about what’s worth keeping. While discarding  unnecessary fashions is the perfect time to think about why we hold on to anything. Before your purge don’t you ask yourself ‘How does this make my life better? What does it contribute to my life goals?’  When the answer is negative we jump to get rid of an old item but when it’s positive do we spend enough time being thankful for what we already have?

Farewell 2015 Marsala - 23


Farewell 2015 Marsala - 40

Marsala might have been my favorite Pantone hue in recent years because it’s extremely versatile.  Marsala works  on all skin tones but I LOVE it with mine, plays well with classic neutrals like white and black but can really help a bright pop and it’s a perfect backdrop for all the gold and rose gold I’ve been digging lately. I’m already thinking about how to pair it with  Pantone’s 2016 pick Rose Quartz .

Farewell 2015 Marsala - 30

So I know we’re all eager for a fresh start – trust me I can’t wait – but let’s also taking time to think about what’s worth holding onto,  in our closets and in our lives as well.

Farewell 2015 Marsala - 18



Top ~ Ann Taylor | Skirt ~ Express | Tights ~ Express |Bag ~ TopShop | Booties ~ Louise et Cie | Rings ~ Express

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