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Why I’m Not in Love with Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects Collection

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I’m on a never ending quest for the best products for sensitive skin, and when my mother gave me this Botanical Effects set from Mary Kay I figured it was worth a shot. This collection comes in three different formulas – dry (1), normal (2) , oily (3) and since I have an acne problem, my mom gave me the oily. I figured summer would be best to test it out, as my skin gets a bit oilier during these months.

Botanical Effects is a 4 part collection – cleanser, toner, moisturizer and clay mask. For a month I used all but the clay mask – I was still using my favorite clay mask by Origins – and at the end I felt like there are advantages and disadvantages to the collection as a whole. It didn’t irritate my skin, which is crucial, but also did nothing to control my acne/hyperpigmentation problem, which is important to me.

Here’s my breakdown on each of the products individually:




Finding a cleanser that cleans all the dirt and makeup from my face but doesn’t irritate my skin is hard – but that’s exactly what this little gem is! I used this cleanser twice a day with my Clarisonic acne brush head and had really soft skin, clean skin the entire month.




The toner was my favorite part of this series! It’s super lightweight, so it doesn’t sting when I put it on my face, but still managed to get the few traces of dirt/makeup leftover, particularly on my hairline. I can see myself using this toner on a regular basis.




I can’t say their moisturizer did anything positive for me. It wasn’t as heavy as moisturizer from Shea Moisture, but not as lightweight as my  summer favorites. It kept me hydrated, not oily, but I don’t feel it gave me anything I couldn’t find elsewhere. I see no need to try this again.



Even though my skin was soft and clean there was one huge drawback to using this set – my acne and hyperpigmentation started to creep back up! It wasn’t the worst case  I’ve ever seen but I went from seeing maybe one zit a month during my cycle to having about 3 or 4 Once the pimples disappeared that just meant more acne scaring so yet ANOTHER skincare problem I’ve got to fix. The only product I’d try again is the toner, but I recommend the cleanser for anyone with sensitive skin who is simply looking for a deep clean.



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