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Midlife crisis? Beyonce chops off all her hair!!

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Our reigning queen of pop has never been shy about changing her look. Beyonce’s given us red hair, blonde hair, straight locks, curly locks – pretty much anything long and luxurious. While you were sleeping, Beyonce Instagrammed a pic of her latest do – a pixie cut – still blonde and with her own roots exposed.

What brought on this change? Bey just wrapped up the North American leg of her Mrs. Carter Show tour Monday night in Brooklyn. A few shows ago, the stars trademark long locks got caught in a fan and an assistant had to literally cut her extensions out of the fan. The star didn’t miss a beat – but did jokingly change the lyrics to her song “Halo” and post them to Instagram. Perhaps this recent scare fueled the singer to do away with the long hair?

Courtesy of Beyonce's Instagram
Courtesy of Beyonce’s Instagram

Bey’s been taking more creative risks lately. Though she’s famous for playing it safe by fusing her R&B/pop hits with whatever trend is taking the world by storm at the moment, she recently released a southern hip-hop infused single where she takes subliminal jabs at other singers and has been semi-glorifying the “ratchet” lifestyle. It’s apparent the 31 year-old singer has spent a lifetime being told what to do and may very well be going through a postponed rebellious stage where she tries things she’s never really been able to do. It’s never too late to find yourself and take experiment with what makes you happy so if this is what she’s doing, go ‘head Beyonce!

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