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Miss Jessie’s Unveils Three New Curly Hair Products

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Thanks to Birchbox, I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive bloggers only event with Miko Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessie’s salon in NYC. Miko showed a room full of bloggers about the brand’s newest products and even gave us demos!


Coily Custard

Living Fiesta Miss Jessie's Coily Custard

As a fan of Pillow Soft Curls and Curly Pudding, I was particularly excited for this gem designed for curls with kink! I love how my hair looks when wet and I’m constantly trying to make it stay that way after it dries. According to Miko, that’s exactly what Coily Custard does!

Living Fiesta Miss Jessie's Coily Custard Demo

Miko did a demonstration on Mellie of The Fat Apple, whose hair is strikingly similar to mine. After washing and conditioning, rake Coily Custard through hair in sections and air dry or use a diffuser. The result? Dry curls that look like you just stepped out of the shower!

Living Fiesta Miss Jessie's Coily Custard Demo 2

Coily Custard sounds like it’s only for extremely tight curl but think again. Using the same wash, rake and diffuse method,  Miko transformed this young lady’s mane from mild waves to loose curls!

Living Fiesta Miss Jessie's Coily Custard Demo 3


Transitioner’s Magic

Living Fiesta Miss Jessie's Transitioner's Magic

As the shift from chemically straightening to embracing one’s natural curls becomes more popular, women growing out their hair may have a head full of curls with straight ends – making styling hard. Transitioner’s Magic keeps curls intact without letting the straight strands stick out. If you’ve got straight ends from years of chemical treatment or heat damage this is the perfect product.

Living Fiesta Miss Jessie's Transitioner's Magic Demo

Miko raked Transitioner’s Magic through this model’s hair then scrunched those straight ends with the help of a diffuser and voila! No more multi-textures!

Want rockstar volume? Flip your head over and comb at the roots from the back only.

Living Fiesta Transitioner's Magic Demo 2

Multicultural  Curls

Living Fiesta Transitioner's Magic Multicultural Curls

Then there’s the controversially named Multicultural Curls. The Branch sisters found that just like they’re not the only people with multiple cultures that make up their DNA, they’re not the only girls with multiple curl patterns on their heads. Multicultural Curls therefore caters not necessarily to women of mixed backgrounds, but people with mixed textures on their heads. It’s light enough to work with thinner strands but thick enough to tame denser areas.

Living Fiesta Multicultural Curls Demo

Miko allowed this model to sit under a hooded dryer for a few minutes as Multicultural Curls worked to bring a sense of cohesiveness to the various textures on her head.

Living Fiesta Multicultural Curls Demo 2 Living Fiesta Multicultural Curls Demo 3

All together we saw how Miss Jessie’s new products work on four different hair types. Each is designed with a specific curl pattern in mind, but using a product on different types of hair will yield different results.

Living Fiesta Miss Jessies Birchbox Event Curly Hair

I’m excited about these three new products and can’t wait to test out. You can find Transitioner’s Magic and Multicultural Curls at target.com and all three products are available at the Miss Jessie’s salon or Miss Jessie’s website.

 Which product would you like to hear more about on the blog first?

Esta Fiesta is a Brooklyn based blogger with a love of music and finding new shoes. When she's not watching a movie or testing out new hair products she can be found doing Pilates - but only so she can eat from the waffle truck of course! Follow her Tweets at @ItsEstaFiesta


  • aintilatina

    I’m definitely going to try Coily Custard on my hair! *crosses fingers I get the same results*

    • You should DEFINITELY try out Coily Custard but don’t look for the same results! We all have different hair and the products affect us differently. Look at the two models!!

  • Ashly Eyler

    OMGosh! I’ve been dying to find a product that leaves my gorgeous curls “wet looking”. So many people are astounded at my curls when I actually have my hair down and they’re wet, but they dry ugly! I cannot wait to buy Coily Custard, do you know if it’s out yet? And Transitioners Magic also looks like something I would want to try; love how it gave that model va-va volume! Thank you for the review! I would love to see more of Miss Jessie’s product reviews / demonstrations on Caucasian women with curly hair / tips for them as I am white and LOVE these products!

    • I’ve had the same problem! Cute when wet but crazy when dry! I’m glad Coily Custard exists to help us with that problem! You can buy it now at missjessies.com or Birchbox.com!

      • Ashly Eyler

        THANK YOU Esta Fiesta! 🙂

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  • Tamiah Brevard

    These looks awesome! I’ll take your word for it as they looked very effective from the demos. Not sure I’m ready to let go of my beloved mixed chicks yet.

    • I’ve been using them and they’re the best Miss Jessie’s has ever been! More detailed reviews to come soon!

  • Chel

    Do they EVER work with 4c hair? Do they even know how? I never see them work with the kinky 4 hair types.

    • Not sure but you can call their salon and ask. Have you tried Miss Jessie’s products in the past?

    • lei

      4c doesnt have coils or curls so what type of gel product do you want them to use? Why are 4c so press to define what they dont have?