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Fiesta’s Finds: Mixed Chicks In the Mix Foundation

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Fun fact about me: My skin color changes every two weeks.

Okay, it’s actually not that fun. Shortly after buying a new foundation my skin gets darker, lighter, brighter or more neutral and the foundation I JUST invested in doesn’t work! And I’m left feeling as confused as North West when the flash goes off.


Mixed Chicks Foundation - 03

For a while I’d buy a brand new shade each time the last one stopped matching but that had to stop. One day I decided to go through my makeup stash and actually try the In the Mix  Quick Stick Foundation by Mixed Chicks and guess what? It wasn’t that bad!

I blended the In the Mix Quick Stick in Bangin’ Bronze with a foundation two shades too light and bright for my current complexion and guess what? I had the perfect hue!


Mixed Chicks Foundation - 02


In the Mix is a smoothing foundation, so it also helped hide any breakouts and left me damn near poreless. Turns out I’d been avoiding this shade for too long with no good reason.

Okay maybe I did have a good reason. It’s by Mixed Chicks – a curly hair company – and I’m usually not too open to brands stepping out of their realm. I’ll admit, the five shades they offer wouldn’t work on most complexions – the shades are limited and the undertones are off – but turns out they can be great for blending to create your perfect shade.


Bonus – it’s a double-ended stick with a shimmering bronzer on the other side. Again, not an ideal shade, but you can still get a decent understated sparkle. Bonus Bonus: It’s vegan!

Mixed Chicks Quick Stick Foundation Dark Skin Esta Fiesta Living Fiesta Brown Girls Vegan Beauty

There is a bad side. This foundation stick leaves my skin really greasy. It definitely glides on smooth and stays put all day but on my combination/oily skin it’s hard to stay dry. To keep my skin in check I’ve been topping off my looks with a bit of powder.


Mixed Chicks foundation isn’t quite right to use on it’s own, but I like the way it complements my other shades and helps hide breakouts. I’d recommend staying away from the formula if you have oily skin, but if you are looking for something to balance out your existing foundation of choice it’s worth a try.


Mixed Chicks Quick Stick Foundation Dark Skin Esta Fiesta Living Fiesta Brown Girls Vegan Beauty

Foundation ~ c/o Mixed Chicks | Eyeshadow ~ Urban Decay Vice 3 (try the 4) | Mascara ~ Julep | Blush ~ Marc Jacobs | Lips ~ Nars

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