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Why the Naked Smoky Palette Ain’t For Me

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Like every other beauty buff I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky palette; but a few weeks after nabbing my shiny new object I already felt like I didn’t want it.


I’m obsessed with the Naked Family – mostly because every single shade in the Naked 3 palette has been good to me and Naked on the Run is perfect for the “no makeup” look so I thought I’d like Naked Smoky as well. I thought wrong.



The palette is extremely dark – I know, duh! It’s smoky! – and since I have naturally dark eyes I don’t particularly care for dark eye makeup. When I’m not going neutral I usually prefer brights. But Naked Smoky makes my eyes awkwardly dark in a way I don’t really need.




Even though it’s too dark for my personal taste I’m not sure it’s dark enough for a smoky eye. I guess that’s why it’s part of the Naked series;  it’s inspired by a smoky palette but soft enough to escape the drama that comes with your classic smoky. Still, I like my smoky eye noticeably black, and this didn’t quite give me that feel.



My favorite shades are the first three – High, Dirtysweet and Radar. They’re neutral shiny browns much like the shades I already have in my other Naked palettes. Slanted is best for nights out but I find Dagger and Black Market to be too similar on my skin; and  they don’t play well with other shades. I thought I’d love “Smolder” since I’m obsessed with purple, but it’s less of a dark purple and more of a black with purple-infused.  Password and Whisky are soft neutrals, which I like, but I have similar enough shades with Naked on the Run. Combust and Thirteen work well for highlighting my browbone, but I mean, doesn’t EVERY shadow palette come with a decent highlight color? I’m not convinced.



There are some cute colors, but dark shadows come a dime a dozen and if i change my mind, I’m sure Maybelline will come out with an equally impressive but more affordable version. I don’t see myself traveling with this palette so if I have to pay for a few solo blacks, and deep blues to mix with my own shadows what’s the big deal ?



I decided to return the Naked Smoky because I’m just not in love with it and keeping a $54 item I don’t love violates one of my major “Should I Buy It” rules.  You never love an item as much as the day you purchased it and if I’m on the fence now, imagine how I’ll feel three months from now when I wish I had an extra $54 in my account?


Instead of holding on to a palette that doesn’t fit my makeup personality, I traded it in for one that does fit my needs – Urban Decay’s Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette. It has neutrals for when I want to be subtle, purples and pinks for when I want a little flavor and greens and blues for a fun pop of color!  This one is much more my speed.


Have you tried the Naked Smoky? What are your thoughts?



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  • Shanique Shanique

    Why didn’t I realize you had the Spectrum too? Did I know and forget?

    • Yes! I ordered it the day after it came out!