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New ‘Annie 2014’ Trailer!

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Is anyone else anxious to see Annie 2014 this Christmas? Shadow and Act obtained a new trailer for the upcoming film with more footage than we’ve seen thus far and an intro by the stars Quvenzhane Wallis and Jamie Foxx.


Annie 2014


It’s been 32 years since the comic strip turned Broadway play was first adapted to film and the 2014 version has updated to reflect the times. Redheaded orphan Annie from Hudson St who moves in with Billionaire Oliver Warbucks is now a black foster child from Harlem who moves in with Politician Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx). This time around it’s Annie who comes up with the idea of moving in with the father figure to improve his public image, and the two meet when Stacks saves her from being hit by a car. Though Director William Gluck has made a number of changes to Emma Thompson and Aline Brosh McKenna’s original script, some details remain the same. Annie is still the most optimistic of her peers, her curls remain a defining characteristic, and yes,  Ms. Hannigan is still a ratchet mess who has no business caring for children.
 Check out the trailer for yourself below, are you even more anxious to see this film now?

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  • Elaine Garvey

    I took my daughter to see Annie and she loved it. They changed quite a bit, added new music, new story lines, movie is longer, shortened the much known and loved songs, and Annie is no longer an orphan but a foster care child.

    • yeah I think some of the songs could’ve stayed the same. Annie’s not an orphan because orphans/orphanages don’t exist anymore.