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New curly hair products I’m dying to try

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Ever since this movement to embrace one’s natural texture has happened, being a curly girl has gotten ten times easier! Not only are there more products that cater to wavy/curly strands, but former curly cult brands have become mainstream, meaning you can get them at mass retail stores like Target and Walgreens!

Some of my favorite tried and true curly girl brands have been cooking up new products. Here’s a few I can’t wait to get my hands on:

Like It

No Comb Detangling Spray DevaCurl, $19.95

Early morning workouts mean detangling my bedhead so that I can put it in a presentable ponytail before leaving the house. This is where DevaCurl’s No Comb Detangling Spray would come in handy. I hate combing my hair before it’s been washed or conditioned so hopefully a few spritzes of this stuff and I can fingercomb my hair into a workout ready style.

Love It

Jelly Soft Curls Miss Jessie's, $14

You need gel because it makes your hair look shiny but it also makes your hair hard and crunchy – what’s a girl to do? Miss Jessie’s released their latest styler called Jelly Soft Curls! Just squeeze out a quarter size amount into your palm, and apply it section by section to  damp (not wet) curls covering your entire head.

Gotta Have it!

JCS_HydrateFor those days you don’t wash but still need to add a lil moisture to your do Quench from the Jane Carter Solution looks like a great leave-in spray to hydrate and detangle. Apparently it does double duty as a heat protector when flat-ironing or blow-drying.

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