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Nicki Minaj says her Kmart line won’t be “cheasy and cheap”

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American Idol judge Nicki Minaj held a private event in West Hollywood to share the latest developments on her upcoming collaboration with Kmart. Minaj asserted that the line would be a “true reflection of her personal style” and despite the affordable prices, not “cheasy and cheap” but made of “quality stuff”.

What is that personal style? The “Super Bass” singer says it will be romantic and sexy with her signature hats, boots, leg warmers, accessories such as bamboo earrings and of course, LOTS of dresses. In true Nicki Minaj fashion, the dresses will be cut similar to the Alexander McQueen styles she’s been donning which, in her words, make a woman feel sexy. This line will focus on her current, less over-the-top style with pieces that target the working woman as well as junior high school and high school barbs who “want to be grown”.

Why the collabo with KMart? Minaj chose the retailer because it represents middle America, a culture she hasn’t much been exposed to in particular given the detailed demographic of her hip-hop music. Even with her limited exposure to middle America, Minaj does understand that her fans don’t have $2,000 to shell out for a pair of fashionable shoes.

Though no release date was announced, Minaj did share that the line would be out sooner than we expect. Could she be looking at a fall release date?

Check out the entire clip below:

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