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‘No Good Deed’ is No Good Film

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‘No Good Deed’ is one bad film.

After being denied parole, Colin Evans (Idris Elba) escapes returning to prison and goes directly to visit who else but his ex-girlfriend (Kate del Castillo). When things don’t go as planned, he crashes his stolen car and stumbles into an Atlanta-area home of former prosecutor turned stay-at-home mom Terri (Taraji P. Henson). If you’ve ever seen a horror movie made before the 90s you can guess everything that happens next.


Terri’s husband has left her alone for the evening with their two small children, and when a strange man knocks asking to use her phone to call AAA she doesn’t even question why he has no cellphone in 2014. Feeling sorry for Colin, and neglected by her absent husband, Terri invites Colin to wait for AAA in her home.

Terri bonds with Colin by sharing intimate details about her life and relationship while Colin only provides vague details about his own. Long after it’s apparent Terri is setting herself up to be killed, her flirty BFF Meg (Leslie Bibb) shows up to set off a”terrifying” chain of events by asking a few simple questions Terri should’ve thought about herself. The film’s only redeeming point is when we realize why Colin is terrorizing Terri, but after two minutes the story quickly shifts back into predictability with a PG-13 friendly fight scene and a mundane ending.

No Good Deed 2


Elba is very believable as a villain and both Henson and Bibb do the best with the poor script they’ve been given. There was no need for actors of their caliber to collaborate with Sony on this project as it could’ve easily been a Lifetime original featuring no name actors.

Rather than captivating audiences, the script reads as though it were taken straight from the jokes of a 90s black comedian commenting on how white people behave in horror movies.  To call the plot and script predictable would be inaccurate since it lacks any logic that would apply to this day and age. Spare yourself the two hours and $15 and avoid this movie!

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  • Oh no! I’m still going to see it because…Idris — but not expecting much.

    • There are DEFINITELY shirtless Idris moments but yeah, don’t expect much if you’re looking for a good story.