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#NoBareLips30: Here’s everything you need to know

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It’s my favorite time of year – no not Chanukah, Christmas or even the countdown to New Year’s but #NoBareLips30 season!


NoBareLips30 calendar-3

Quick refresher – #NoBareLips30 is a thirty day social media challenge where you rock a lip color – lipsticks, lipliners, lip glosses and lip stains are all allowed – for thirty days straight and post photos of yourself wearing the color to either Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr using #NoBareLips30. Don’t just post your own photos, be sure to search the hashtag and check out other ladies too!


In season four,  we’re following a calendar with weekly breakdowns on what to wear each day. Of course you don’t HAVE to stick to the calendar, but it’s more fun if you do! I’ll repost Keiko Kaveri’s schedule updates each Friday as they come in. Here’s the breakdown for the first week.


NoBareLips30 Week 1



This season starts on Friday December 11 – so you have two days to get all your lippies together and start mapping out your looks. As a veteran – I’ve participated in every challenge so I can call myself that right? – I suggest you check the hashtag daily and see what other people are wearing- you’ll find GREAT new lip options that way!

I have a few new lip colors I can’t wait to show off and can’t wait to see yours! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr to see my #NoBareLips30 posts!



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