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Nubian Skin: Nude Lingerie for Dark Women

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Does the term ‘nude’ make you as uncomfortable as it makes me? In fashion, it seems like nude only applies to women who look like Angelina Jolie – even Jessica Alba has a hard time finding ‘nude’ shades that actually match her skin color! Thanks to the launch of a new UK based company Nubian Skin, there are finally undergarments designed For Colored Girls who have considered changing outfits when ‘nude’ isn’t enough!

Londoner Ade Hassan founded Nubian Skin after her own frustration with the lack of nude lingerie available for her wardrobe. Nude undergarments are the basics of every woman’s closet, at least in theory, and Hassan wants us all to have access to appropriate options the next time we’re slipping on a sheer or white outfit.

Lace Bra and Panties in 'Café au Lait'

Lace Bra and Panties in ‘Café au Lait’

Nubian Skin launched October 2nd with four shades conveniently broken down with a foundation matching guide. Shades range from Café au lait – for women of color whose skin is more parts cream than coffee – to Berry for the ladies with even more melanin.

Nubian Skin Berry Thong

The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice!

Since women of color’s ‘nude’ problems don’t end at bras and panties, the brand has plans to expand into hosiery in the near future. Am I the only one hoping hosiery includes Spanx?

Caramel aka light medium

Caramel aka light medium

Cinnamon aka medium dark

Cinnamon aka medium dark

Though based in the UK Nubian Skin does ship internationally. They even have a convenient button on the side that converts prices from British pounds to the the Euro US dollar and Australian dollar.

I’m already planning on saving up for a t-shirt bra. Yes save up because panties start at $10 and bras at $40, but you can’t put a price on looking good can you?

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