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Origins Skincare Giveaway: It’s my Third Blogiversary!

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This weekend Living Fiesta celebrated it’s third blogiversary and after three years I’ve decided, it’s time for some changes…


When I started this blog I wanted to write about all the topics that interest me across fashion, beauty and entertainment. It’s been fun writing about these subjects, but I want this blog to be more than fun, I want it to be informative. At this point, the blogosphere is oversaturated with music writers, beauty whizzes, and generic fashion bloggers all spewing the same information so in order to be helpful to my readers I’ve decided to hone in on the niche I get the most questions about. Effective immediately I’ll begin transitioning Living Fiesta from a general lifestyle blog to a beauty and style blog with an emphasis on skincare for sensitive skin.


I’ll still post outfit of the day pics, share style news and comment on red carpet looks but I’ll be making an effort to place a bigger focus on beauty reviews. Want to know if a cleanser is too harsh for acne-prone skin? Come to Living Fiesta. Need to clear up (or prevent) hyperpigmentation? I’ve got you covered. Searching for a cheap alternative to your favorite department store cleanser? Holla at me! I want to create a space where ladies –  and gentleman – can learn about beauty products and be aware of how their fragile skin might respond to them.


That said, this site will no longer share movie reviews, music videos or television news, but if you want to hear my opinion on the latest in entertainment follow me on Twitter, where I’ll still live tweet my favorite television shows. I may also discuss pop culture with the guests on my brand new podcast Poised & Polished! Sign up here to be alerted when I post new episodes!


To celebrate my new direction I’m running a giveaway for girls and guys! One lucky winner will win an Origins “Just the Essentials” travel pack with all the basics you need to maintain a smooth, clear face! These are the only skincare products I used on my recent trip to Mexico and I don’t remember a time my skin felt so fresh and looked so clear!

 Origins Just the Essentials



Frothy face wash – Great alone but better with a Clarisonic!

Energy-boosting Moisturizer – Lightweight enough for summer but still super hydrating

Dermabrasion – Exfoliation minus the irritation. Great for men who shave their face!

Charcoal Mask – Draws out impurities like a magnet! Use after dermabrasion for a DIY  facial
To enter, leave a comment telling me what beauty concerns you’d like to see me address,  sign up for the Living Fiesta newsletter or follow @ItsEstaFiesta on Instagram and Twitter. Contest ends Monday August 3 and a winner will be announced Tuesday August 4. Good luck to all the entrants!!




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Esta Fiesta is a Brooklyn based blogger with a love of music and finding new shoes. When she's not watching a movie or testing out new hair products she can be found doing Pilates - but only so she can eat from the waffle truck of course! Follow her Tweets at @ItsEstaFiesta

  • Kalee

    Acne and dark spots.

    • Ugh I know about these problems all too well!

      • Kalee

        I know! It’s like, I thought by the time I was in my mid-20s acne wouldn’t be an issue anymore, but I was totally wrong!

        • Yeah for some acne is an adult struggle too. The key is watching what you put into your body and onto your face!

  • Sarah

    Oily skin and monthly pimples!

    • Monthly pimples are THE WORST but DIY facials help a lot!

  • Katie Fought

    I deal with acne a lot. And some dryness in my T zone.

    • I can relate to the acne situation. What do currently use to control it?

  • Alexis Hyde

    Acne and hyper-pigmentation

  • Olivia Nguyen

    Can you talk about acne prone and oily type skin? :)))

  • Kay Carlson

    Acne scarring (no longer a big problem thank goodness) and dark spots 🙂

    • Dark spots are tough! Make sure you’re wearing sunscreen! I can definitely talk more about hyperpigmentation here!

  • KeikoKaveri

    I would like to see you address hyperpigmentation, maintaining youthful skin, and how a healthy diet impacts skin.

    • I’m glad you mentioned diet! Too many people don’t realize how this affects your skin!!

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