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What to wear to an outdoor wedding

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Dressing for traditional indoor weddings is pretty simple – but what do you do when the invite calls for less formal attire? I just came back from an amazing outdoor wedding in sunny San Diego and here’s what I wore:


Backyard or garden weddings usually mean grass, likely dirt, and potentially mud if it ends up raining! I wasn’t trying to ruin my stilettos or anyone’s yard so I pulled out my corkscrew wedges for the occasion. Wedges make for solid walking – no tiptoeing your way to the bar – and mean you probably won’t have to wipe down your shoes at the end of the night.

Of course flats or chunky heels are also great options but I’m short and don’t own chunky heels so wedges for the win! I decided to go for a soft pink dress since it works with the corkscrew shoes, pops against my brown skin and wouldn’t compete with the landscape.




Outdoor weddings almost only happen in warm weather, so it’s safe to go sleeveless and wise to go short. I would however suggest bringing a shawl, sweater or light jacket since weather is unpredictable and it can get chilly as the evening goes on.



I didn’t want to be too casual – this is a wedding, not a summer picnic – so I decided to put more effort into my beauty routine. An updo and pearls add a touch of elegance but bold eyeshadow keeps me from looking like I’m at a 1950s church picnic.






How do you know when to dress down for a wedding? Some invites will actually say that it’s casual, other times it’s implied on the invitations with words like, “outdoor”, “beach”, “daytime” or “garden”. Remember, unless it’s specifically stated on the invite DO NOT wear jeans – that’s too casual! – but feel free to step it down a notch or two from more formal wedding attire.



Dress ~ Express (this is cute too!)| Shoes ~ Steve Madden (try these!) | Cardigan ~ Express | Earrings ~ Lord & Taylor


Have you ever been to an outdoor wedding? What did you wear?

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