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Peter Som for Kohl’s DesigNation Lookbook

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Peter Som for DesigNation is almost here and they’ve recently released the complete look book! Inspired by the spirit of St. Barth’s, the sophisticated designer has but together an elegant yet more affordable version of his creations available exclusively at Kohl’s.

With prices ranging from $38-$88, this collaboration is slightly more affordable than DesigNation’s last collection with French designer Catherine Malandrino. Check out the full collection below:


Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-11 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-13 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-14 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-15 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-16 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-17 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-18 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-19 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-20 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-21 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-12 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-10 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-09 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-08 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-07 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-06 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-05 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-04 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-03 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-02 Peter-Som-for-Kohls-Look-01


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