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Everything Totally Awesome (and not) in the ‘Pretty Girls’ Video

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The video for Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s Pretty Girls has arrived and it’s totally inspired by the late 80s/early 90s!  Pretty Girls not only takes its plot from 1988’s  “Earth Girls Are Easy” but infuses all the classically good and awful aspects of pop culture from the time.

I love that era just as much as the next millennial, but there are some things I just couldn’t get down with in this video. Keep reading for what’s totally awesome about the Pretty Girls video and totally not:


Totally Awesome: Britney’s scrunched hair

Pretty Girls Britney Spears Wavy Long Weave Living FiestaThese long waves are totally rad but the short version during the carwash dance scene is even hotter!


Totally Not: Iggy’s crimped hair

Pretty Girls Iggy Azalea Crimp Living Fiesta

All that teasing and Brit couldn’t make her alien friend as pretty as she is? Iggy looks like she used a crimping iron when a simple braid out would’ve given her better results.



Totally Awesome: Britney’s dance moves

Pretty Girls Hip Hop Dance Club Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Living Fiesta

Any other Brit stans miss seeing her dance? Why couldn’t there be more dancing?


Totally Not: Britney’s 90s outfits

Pretty Girls Britney Spears  Leopard Top Living Fiesta

Most of Brit’s fashions were on point – hey pink one piece! –  but this leopard off shoulder croptop was serving Peggy Bundy realness. We could have done without it.



Totally Awesome: Iggy’s 90s style

Pretty Girls Iggy Azalea 90s Night Club Living Fiesta

Iggy can’t seem to convince us she’s a real hip-hop artist but watch this video on mute and you’ll be convinced the girl came of age in the 90s. Her denim on denim  for day and metallic tops with skintight pants and oversized belt for night are spot on!


Totally Not: Iggy’s bad accent

Pretty Girls Iggy Azalea Crimp 3 Living Fiesta

Once again Iggy’s putting on a literally unbelieveable American accent. I’m buying that she can dress the part but her valley girl accent sounds like an insult. Los Angelinos should be offended!


Check out the Pretty Girls video for yourself. Did you get your life or is it totally


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