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Project Runway Junior Episode Three: Teamwork makes the dream fall apart

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Week three of Project Runway Junior brought about their first group challenge – designing a retro-inspired collection. The ten designers were split into two teams and had to pick the 1940s, 1950s or 1960s as their inspiration.


Team 1960s –  made up of Samantha, Peytie, Jessie, Matt, and Maya – was ALL over the place. Samantha took the lead and proposed solid prints but when it came time to implement the few ideas the group could agree on, nothing seemed to work. Samantha and Peytie didn’t grab the right fabrics and the team was forced to work with what they had, changing their designs several times. Maya was right – the team would bring her down.

This group STRUGGLED – starting over with only four hours left until showtime, and again an hour before the runway competition. Somehow they still managed to get a collection together to show on the runway.


Project Runway Junior Team 1940s

Meanwhile Team 1940s – made up of Bridget, Victoria, Zachary, Zach and Jaxson – collectively agreed on deep, rich colors. Zachary took the lead and the team  came up with a story for their collection that takes a woman from day to night. Jaxson and Zachary FaceTimed their teammates to make sure they had the right colors and fabrics from Mood and everyone got to work creating their little master pieces. They even had enough time to stop and do a premature victory dance.


Project Runway Junior Team 1960s design

Team 1960s  inability to get it together was reflected in their collection.  It’s decent, but that’s about it. As a whole, it doesn’t quite remind me of the 60s – maybe the shapeless dresses? and high hemlines? Samantha’s jacket isn’t as hot as she thinks it is and Matt – who ended up in the bottom two last week – made a crop top/scarf concoction only your faux trendy grandma might wear. The collection’s saving grace was Maya’s pink shapeless dress with a detailed collar.


Project Runway Junior Team 1940s design

Team 1940s however produced a flawless collection! Not only does it look cohesive, but it captured 40s glam well – especially Bridget’s red dress, so naturally she won the competition! In my opinion the only one who came close to beating her was Zach with his peplum jacket. The judges were right – he has a lot more potential than he showed us in the first round.


Project Runway Junior Bridget

Go Bridget!


Victoria should have been sent home. Can’t remember who she is? That’s why she should leave. She thinks her designs are original but they’re always safe – she should get a job at Express. Her saving grace is that there’s ALWAYS someone who took a bigger risk and noticeably failed. My prediction is she’ll coast along until she can no longer hide – maybe three or four more episodes  – before she’s exposed for being average.

Project Runway Junior Samantha and Matt

Who actually went home? Nobody. Samantha and Matt were in the bottom two but the judges spared an elimination, pointing out that there’d be a DOUBLE elimination in the near future, and moved Matt to vow NEVER to produce another crop top!

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  • TrialsNTresses

    This show is my absolute guilty pleasure and it was so hard to watch them struggle as a group! Glad they didn’t send anyone home!


    • Am I a horrible person because I didn’t mind seeing them struggle? LOL I still think Victoria should go home.