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Pure Nail Polish: Best Thing I Bought this July

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After a two month shopping hiatus I bought quite a few things  this month, but of all the  July goodies my favorite has to be nail polish from PURE Nail Lacquer. I’m normally an Essie girl – but I don’t mind trying hues from different brands – especially if they’re a bit cheaper at $5 a bottle!PURE is a new nail polish brand I found out about when a friend invited me to their pop-up shop. The Brooklyn based line currently carries a variety of hues  including sheers, nudes and neons. I decided to venture out of standard muted colors for something more fun –  Honesty (pink) and Sunny Disposition (yellow).

PURE Nail Lacquers in Sunny Disposition and Honesty

I found the pink to be really fun, and not too out of character, as I love to wear pink. The yellow takes a bit more getting used to, and was more difficult to apply. I found myself using three coats, as opposed to my usual two coats, since the color came on a little streaky.

Sunny Disposition Manicure
Sunny Disposition Manicure

What makes PURE polishes different from the rest? According to creator Danielle Lewis the lacquers are chip resistant and free from harsh chemicals formaldehyde, toluene and DBT.  Lewis credits the PURE base coat  with helping the polish stay on for as long as seven days. I must admit that she’s onto something with that base coat –  when I used her base coat the polish stayed seven days until I wiped it off but when I used my own base coat with her polish I wasn’t so lucky.  No large smudges but I did notice small chips at the tip of the nail in the first 2 days. I will say that the polish does dry incredibly fast!

Normally I stick to French mani-pedis, or the occasional pastel but since one of my beauty-lutions this year was to get more creative with my nails, I’m happy about this purchase! I’m looking forward to practicing more nail art ideas using these two colors.

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