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Rituals Cosmetics Giveaway

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Between everyday life, traveling and picking up extra work,  I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to keep up my beauty routines. Thanks to Rituals Cosmetics – one of my latest discoveries – I have a recently renewed commitment to “me time”.



Birchbox invited me and a few other bloggers to the Rituals Cosmetics store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for an exclusive look at their line. We were treated to a light brunch with pastries and breakfast cocktails.



We got to meet the ladies who run the Upper West Side Location and learn a little about the brand. The company was founded in Amsterdam in 2000 by Raymond Cloosterman who believes our daily routines – you know, washing your face, exfoliating, etc. –  shouldn’t be chores, but rituals we actually enjoy. At one point in time pampering myself was a relaxing part of my regular routine but somewhere along the lines I allowed so many tasks to cloud up my time that this became just another chore on my to-do lists.


Rituals Cosmetics has shops in Barcelona, London, Paris, Lisbon, and as of  March 2014 New York City! Not only do they have a store on the Upper West Side and SoHo, but they set up shop in the Barney’s locations on Madison Avenue, Wooster St and in Brooklyn. Don’t live near any of these locations? Their products are also available online!


My favorite thing about Rituals? It’s an affordable luxury. With the exception of a few skincare items and their bathrobes, almost everything in the store is under $25! It seems they don’t have sales often, but they regularly run promotions such as free products when you spend a certain amount.



Rituals has several collections – Ayurveda, Hammam, Laughing Buddha, Sakura, Tatsu,  and Tao – that are meant to invoke different feelings. Since I’m in need of a little good luck I walked away with the body scrub, shower oil and body cream from the Laughing Buddha collection. For centuries, rubbing Buddha’s belly has symbolized good luck and prosperity. This tradition is the inspiration for a collection of uplifting products that celebrate this positivity.  I’m hoping by getting back to my rituals Laughing Buddha will help restore some happiness in my life!


I’m not the only one who deserves good fortune and prosperity, I want you to have some too! I’m spreading the fortune and giving a set of Laughing Buddha products to one lucky follower! Leave a comment telling me what rituals you want to get back to and follow Living Fiesta on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to be entered to win.


This giveaway ends October 15th and the winner will be notified via email. Enter to win the giveaway now!!!

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  • sam

    i always massage my face with coconut oil for blood circulation and healthy skin

    • Coconut oil works wonders! It’s good for hair and nails also!

  • cezovski

    My rituals are pretty simple. Wash face with cream cleanser, put on toner, put on moisturizer for dry skin.

    • Simple is good! Do you take your time or rush through the process?

  • Maryssa T.

    I first use my Clarisonic and cleanser (currently Biore charcoal), then use a toner, and moisturizer.

    • Which Clarisonic do you use? And how do u like the Biore charcoal cleanser?

      • Maryssa T.

        I use the original Mia one. I love the Biore Charcoal cleanser! I like their charcoal mask too! Amazing stuff!!

        • I’ll DEFINITELY have to look into the Biore mask!

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  • monacpete

    Wash face with cleanser, put on moisturizer w/sunscreen

    • Nice and simple! Do you take time to enjoy the process or just rush through it?

  • Neenah Suzuki Morris

    I don’t really have any rituals. I usually just wash my face and moisturize. I haven’t really found any great products for my skin.

  • Pamela

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • You’re welcome and thanks for following!

  • T Michelle

    My morning rituals involve a cup of tea and the newspaper!

    • Tea is great for your skin and health! What type of tea do you prefer?

  • Kristen Mcclary

    i wake up have a can of soda and i washmy face and check my emails then i get the kids up and ready for school then i work then i watch tv at night and get caught up on things make dinner get the kids to bed and stay up a little after them and then go to bed almost every single day im like a robot now lol

    • You are one busy mama! U have to remember to take some time out for yourself too!

      • Kristen Mcclary

        yea everyone says that but its very hard to find the time for that especially when the hubby works 6 days a week as well

        • Well I guess we know what your beautylution will be next year!!

  • Shan

    I use olive oil to remove my eye make up. Next I wash my face with a boscia konjac sponge currently losing clearasil cleanser. Then I moisturize with Shea moisture spot correcting moisturizer and Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial.

    • I LOOOOVE Shea Moisture’s Spot Correcting Moisturizer! I’ve been thinking of trying that Konjac sponge. Let me add that to my must try list!

  • Stephani King

    With a newborn here, I don’t feel like I have any rituals anymore… Maybe to try not to go crazy each day;-)

    • Congratulations!! Don’t forget to take time for yourself. If you can get the baby to sleep use some of that time to pamper yourself!

  • Tracie Vandermeulen

    Coffee and the morning news…..sometimes the radio depending on my mood

    • I love that you include news in ur daily rituals!

  • Elaine Garvey

    I wash my face every morning with Cetaphil, it never fails. Sometimes I use a serum if I am feeling dry before I use my anti aging moisturizer with spf 25. If I have time to add mascara blush, and lipstick, that is a plus.

    • A lil lipstick never hurts, and it only takes seconds to apply!

  • Victoria Harman

    Giving my dog a big hug before I head off to work, reading a good book on the subway ride, keeping moisturized throughout the day by drinking water / using Nivea cream / applying the latest & greatest lip balm I’ve found 🙂

    • I’m glad you make an effort to drink water. Being hydrated is essential for good skin!!

  • Tea is great for your skin and health! What’s your favorite type?

  • Randa Joiner

    I always cleanse my face when I wake up. I have a cup of coffe. Then I take a shower. I have a certain routine for makeup. I put it on the same way everyday. At night, I always take my makeup off. I have a certain way I turn every thing off and locking up at night. I even have a certain way my cover and pillows are. I have many daily rituals.

    • You do have a lot! It’s great the you take the time out to remove your makeup at night – too many ladies don’t do that!