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Scandal’s Season 3 poster is here!

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Scandal star Kerry Washington promised via Twitter to release the new Scandal poster if her Gladiators retweeted her 10,000 and just after 10:20pm last night the actress delivered! Kerry Instagrammed and Tweeted the following poster promoting the upcoming season premiere of ABC’s hit show:


What can we take away from this photo? Hmm… it’s a very somber picture of Olivia Pope looking down as if in shame or ready to cry. She is alone, and she seems to have given her locks a bit of a trim.  Season 2 didn’t end well for Olivia Pope at all, and judging by this poster it doesn’t get much better for her in the next season.

Not entirely caught up? BET ran marathons of the show for the past two weeks, and they’ll air the two-hour season finale tomorrow, Wednesday August 21 starting at 9pm.  Watch the finale and gear up for Scandal Season 3 which premieres October 3 on ABC.

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