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SHOULD Lindsay Lohan guest host ‘Chelsea Lately’?

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Every now and then Chelsea Lately host Chelsea Handler has to take a break, but her show MUST go on. E!’s solution? Guest hosts.

Usually the guest host is one of the regular members of her nightly roundtable or at the very least a fellow comedian or E! personality, though the station has thrown in the occasional superstar such as Kevin Hart or Dave Grohl. Despite the many surprise guest hosts Chelsea Lately has had there’s one celebrity I NEVER thought I’d see on her show: Lindsay Lohan.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Yes, that Lindsay Lohan. The redheaded freckled face star of Mean Girls who spiraled out of control in adulthood and become the constant butt of Chelsea’s jokes. As one of the main personalities the show makes fun of, how will this work?

Chelsea Lately has a specific format: Chelsea Handler opens with a joke, followed by the opening credits and then a roundtable discussion about pop culture with three comedians before interviewing a celebrity guest. Many of the topics they discuss include “stupid news”, celebrity gossip and my personal favorite – stupid celebrity gossip. When a celebrity says or does something silly in the media the comedians take turns attacking not only this celebrity’s actions but their character, personality, family life, and anything else they can make a joke of.  Given Lindsay’s problems with drugs and alcohol she’s a constant topic on this show. They’ve made fun of her parents, her looks, her mom’s looks, her addictions, and even her short-lived alleged relationship with British boy band The Wanted. If she’s done it, they’ve ridiculed her for it. How comfortable can she be hosting a panel where all they usually do is make fun of her? 

This episode is sure to be interesting. As many troubles as Lindsay has, she’s never been particularly sensitive about the public’s perception of her, so she may be able to handle this. I’m hoping she’ll open with a self-deprecating joke and be able to make us laugh at her fellow train-wreck celebs without too many awkward moments. She’s a funny and talented girl – I hope those qualities come through while she’s on the show.

Lindsay Lohan’s episode of Chelsea Lately airs next Monday August 5 at 11pm on E! – I’ll be watching and rooting for her, will you?

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