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Spring Preview: 5 shows premiering in the next 5 weeks

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It’s weird enough that networks no longer give a show a full season to prove they can bring in ratings, and instead premiere new shows in January to replace old shows mid-season, but programming that starts in March? That’s just awkward.

If the new shows in September didn’t live up to the hype, and their January replacements didn’t entice you either here are a few new (and returning) shows for you to try out this Spring.

RedWidowRed Widow Sundays at 10pm on ABC
Premieres March 3

666 Park Avenue didn’t cut it, and now that award season is over it’s time for the replacement show – Red Widow. Radha Mitchell (Phone Booth, The Crazies) plays Marta, a California housewife whose husband has just died, causing her to immerse herself in the Russian mob lifestyle she spent an entire lifetime running away from.

Fashion Star Fridays at 8pm on NBC
Premieres March 8

Singer turned designer Jessica Simpson says Season 2 will be bigger, better and “sexy as heck”. Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos return as mentors while new Host Louise Roe steps in for Elle MacPherson. New fashion bidder Express also joins the competition and competitors include someone who once worked for Carolina Herrara!

Grimm Fridays at 9pm on NBC
Premieres March 8

Is this show based off of fairy tales or soap operas? The second half of the second season (take a moment to process that) picks up when Nick Grimm goes head to head with his boss Renard after Renard’s mutual attraction to Nick’s girlfriend Juliette approaches dangerous levels.


The Gossip Game Mondays at 9pm on VH1
Premieres April 1

What’s it like to be a media personality covering the fast-paced, competitive urban entertainment beat in New York City? Just ask any of these seven women: Angela Yee, co-host of the top rated “Breakfast Club” show on Power 105.1; K. Foxx, co-host of “The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show with K. Foxx” on Hot 97 FM; Kim Osorio, Editor-In-Chief of The Source magazine; Sharon Carpenter,  Global Grind reporter; Jas Fly, freelance writer, whose pop culture column appears on Vibe.com twice a week; Ms. Drama,  host of  entertainment news and gossip blog, MsDramaTV, and NYC Gossip Girl (Vivian Billings), whose HipHopGossipSite.com blog provides exclusive dish on hip hop celebrities. Watch as these rivals, forge an uneasy alliance of friendly foes as they compete to hit their professional marks by being the first to break the latest news and divulge the intimate details of the enviable lives of hip hop’s movers and shakers.

“I’m Married to A_” Sundays at 8pm on VH1
Premieres April 21

In the style of MTV’s “True Life” documentary series, VH1 is giving viewers a glimpse at some of the most unconventional partnerships love has ever seen with I’m Married to A… Debuting Sunday, April 21st at 8PM, VH1’s I’m Married to A… profiles relationships like “I’m Married to a Gay Mormon,” “I’m Married to Twins,” and even “I’m Married to…An Alien Abductee”.

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