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Why You Should Watch ABC Family’s Stitchers

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Its almost summer premiere time and ABC Family is adding to their growing list of meant for teen dramas that adults have no shame in following. I attended a special screening of their new show  procedural drama Stitchers – a procedural drama about a young lady who ‘stitches’ into the minds of the recently deceased to help solve murder mysteries.

Stitchers cast

Model-turned-actress Emma Ishta plays Kirsten, a PhD candidate who is oddly nonchalant when identifying her father’s body in a city morgue. Her attitude towards his suicide attracts the attention of a government official named Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitefield) who convinces Kirsten to join a team of experimental crime solvers.

Rather than following teens whose lives are filled with more drama than you can imagine,  Stitchers hones in on an older character as the focus of this show. Kirsten’s personal life is generally drama free, except for your standard adult roommate issues,  and she seems to be coping well with the trauma she suffered as a child – but its clear her childhood experiences will play a huge role in the development of the series down the road.

Stitchers Emma Ishta



Despite casting blonde bombshell as the lead, Stitchers skillfully manages to avoid relying on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer trope of featuring a hot bimbo with random kick-ass abilities. Ishta’s attractiveness is downplayed in bland sweaters and messy ponytails in favor of playing up the character’s intellect. There are moments when her looks are discussed – she’s a woman surrounded by awkward nerdy men after all – but those don’t appear to dominate the storyline. It’s clear Stitchers won’t be yet another show convincing us attractive young women run the world, but rather a sci-fi drama committed to an ever-developing plot.

Watch Stitchers with tweens and teens or even by yourself. A few jokes are a bit advanced for someone who hasn’t reached puberty but the show appeals to Sci-fi fanatics and detective show feigns regardless of age. Like most ABC Family shows, Stitchers has cult following appeal.


Stitchers debuts Tuesday June 2 at 9pm on ABC Family after of Pretty Little Liars. How excited are you for the premiere?

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