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Style Showdown: Beyonce vs. Tina Turner

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Among the many, many reasons to love Lady Bey, one of my favorite things about the popstar is how she finds inspiration from her many idols and, most of the time, isn’t afraid to admit it.

Knowing this, I wasn’t shocked to see that Beyonce‘s controversial look at  Super Bowl XLVII was inspired by none other than the original no-pants-wearing leggy lady, Tina Turner.

Bey isn't the first female star to embrace the no pants on stage look

AfroPunk posted this photo to their site just a few days after BeyonceBowl, and I must say – I LOVE Bey’s reincarnation of the look! Bey copied the shockingly low center cutout, incorporated the lace details and of course, the signature blonde long locks while the leather material and accessories give this look a modern tough-girl edge. For the record, with knee length boots, long gloves and covered shoulders Beyonce is actually far more covered than Tina’s version.

While many people were busy criticizing Beyonce’s scantily clad costume choice, they failed to realize her other subliminal messages, and no, I’m not talking  Illuminati symbols. Her entire performance was devoted to showing us who runs the world – GIRLS. She reunited one of the best-selling all-female groups of all time, enlisted an all-female band and ensemble of dancers, and posted this message to her fellow performers after the event:

Super Bowl XLVII featured all African-American female performers

If you ask me, this outfit wasn’t just yet another woman in a “whorish” outfit gyrating for men as so many critics would say – it was one of her many nods to girl power.  Inspired by one of the greatest female performers America may ever know, Beyonce’s  costume, like her Instagram message above, was yet another salute to women, specifically African-American women, doing their thang.

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