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Is tarte’s Amazonian Clay Foundation Worth the Splurge?

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I’ve mentioned before my skin color changes every two weeks; so as you can guess I’m on a never ending quest to find “the right” foundation. This mission is even harder as I factor in my sensitive, deep skin and my current commitment to vegan, cruelty-free makeup. With an ever-changing complexion, Sephora’s skincare IQ has become my best friend. Its not always perfect, but it gives me a good idea of where to start in finding the right foundation.

tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation

Skincare IQ matched me with taste Cosmetic’s Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation in Deep Sand but it turned out to be way too pale so I went with the next darkest option  – Deep Honey. Deep Honey was a PERFECT match so I was happy to not only have found a vegan foundation that works for me; but a brand that has more than one vegan option for brown skin!

Esta Fiesta tarde Amazonian Clay Foundation Deep Honey

Wearing tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in “Deep Honey”


tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation Deep Honey and Deep Sand

Wearing tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in “Deep Honey” AND “Deep Sand”


After about two weeks of use my undertones started to lean more golden than neutral, so I also bought Deep Sand and started mixing the two hoping for a more appropriate color. This didn’t work out like I’d planned. Maybe it’s because the formula contains SPF 15 but sometimes I looked fine and other days I looked a bit ashy. My undertones were still slightly off but I was convinced I’d eventually figure out the right formula and kept using both.



After more than a month not only had I failed to nail the right color but I encountered my biggest makeup fear- it started to break me out! All the progress I’d made with my vegan diet, nightly Clarisonic commitment and bomb-ass affordable moisturizer was set back when acne started popping up all over my face – particularly close to my hairline!




tarte claim’s their Amazonian Clay Foundation lasts 12 hours which would be cool; if my day rarely exceeded twelve hours and/or if the claim were true. Most days I’m out of the house by 6:30am and might not have time to refresh before night. Even though my skin looked smooth as I walked out of the house, I found that on most days my face was already starting to look cakey by noon. Not cool.


So I ended up returning both. I’m trying to stay dedicated to this vegan lifestyle but not if it means damaging my sensitive skin! I still think tarte has great tools and lip colors, but at $39 the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation isn’t worth the splurge; even if it is vegan.




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