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Teen Choice Awards 2014: Honey Help Me!

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A lot of celebs are fortunate enough to have stylists that make sure they’re always well dressed. Unfortunately, celebs also have too many yes-men – people who are afraid to tell them they’re making a bad decision.

Between stylist and yes-men sometimes Hollywood’s finest step out in looks that stun us. Other times they step out in looks that just scream, “Honey, Help Me!”


The Teen Choice Awards are a chance for youngsters to honor their favorite stars, and an opportunity for celebrities to channel their inner child – which is sometimes good but otherwise bad. Really bad.

Lea Michele Teen Choice Awards 2014


The last thing you want to look like is someone’s aunty who always wants to show the kids she’s still got it – but that’s exactly what Lea Michele looked like at last night’s Teen Choice Awards. Her hair is young and fun, as are the colors on this dress but the fit just isn’t quite right. Her boobs could use more support than this wide, deep V spaghetti strap option has to offer and adding a short hem makes the look altogether too skimpy. Had this dress been sleeveless with just a touch of cleavage showing, Lea would’ve gotten it right.


Selena Gomez Teen Choice Awards 2014

Selena Gomez usually gets it right and this black jumpsuit with silver heels is no different had she worn it on a different occasion. Her look is simple and sleek, but the Teen Choice Awards is one of few red carpet moments where you can pull off a fun, casual look. I would’ve liked to have seen Selena in a crop top or at least a little color.


Zendaya Coleman Teen Choice Awards 2014

Zendaya’s short time in the industry and few memorable fashion moments didn’t stop the actress from accepting the Candie’s Style Icon Award, and she was sure to dress the part for the occasion! In head-to-toe highlighter pink Zendaya nails simple, sexy, and bold – especially when paired with her new edgy cut!


Bella Thorne Teen Choice Awards

Red carpets are tough for teens, but maybe being amongst her peers helped Bella Thorne put together one of her cutest red carpet looks yet. Bella’s bright blue pumps are a nice match to her age appropriate mid-thigh A-line dress and the nude mesh panel in her deep V-neck is sexy without being over the top. While her plunging V-neck doesn’t go too far, perhaps her tan did. Bella looks a bit too brown and it clashes with her hair color. Besides that small detail I’d say she’s one of the best dressed of the night!

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    I agree! Bella’s won my vote for Best Dressed!