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2015 Teen Choice Awards: Best and Worst Dressed

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The Teen Choice Awards may not be one of the biggest red carpets, but it’s one of my favorites! It’s a chance for our young starlets to show off their fashion skills, and an opportunity for more seasoned celebs to give us a taste of their casual style.

Check out who got it right – and who should have made some adjustments – below!



It’s pretty safe to say Zendaya is cementing her spot as one of the top dresser’s of her generation. The KC Undercover star kills EVERY red carpet she hits and on the rare occasion she misses the mark, she’s at the very least taking risks.



I fully support going short and casual to events like this but Bella Thorne might have taken it too far this time. The pattern and color are cute but it looks like her breasts and her lady parts are fighting over which will be covered and there’s no winner. She’s one tug away from exposing herself and that’s not cute. The shape of the dress isn’t doing much for her either – it’s highlighting the fact that she has minimal curves but making it look like she has a kangaroo pouch at her lower belly region. Better luck next time!


Yaas, yaas, yaas to Black-ish star Yara Shahidi! Yara’s colorful, single strap dress is youthful and age appropriate, and her cutout heeled sandals – something I’d totally wear – are a great shade of nude against her skin. I also love that her simple makeup doesn’t take any attention from the dress. I’d say she’s more than a little bit style-ish.



Even Baby Bash is a lil confused about Wiz Khalifa‘s look. I’ll admit, it’s a FEW steps up from how I’m used to seeing him, but it’s still kind of undone and giving me Eddie Kane Jr. vibes. I do appreciate the risks he’s taking with striped pants instead of solid white or black, especially since he paired them with different colored shoes.



There are two things men rarely get right on the red carpet – all white ensembles and sneakers but Terry Crews managed to master both! His clothes are perfectly tailored, a fashion must many men tend to miss, and the sneakers aren’t gaudy or fighting for attention in the outfit. I love that he went for statement belt although I’m not sure this is the belt I would have picked if I were his stylist.





In her white/black/pink color-blocked mini with cutouts and mod bangs Keke Palmer looks great for a 35 year-old. The problem is, she’s 21. There is nothing wrong with the look – seriously, it’s flawless –  except that Keke looks much older than she is. Perhaps a different hairstyle would make her look closer to an actual teen?



While Keke’s unnecessarily aging herself, her Scream Queens co-star Lea Michele looks youthful in her flared Monique L’hullier frock! The blue and red pattern called for simple accessories – classic red pumps and is mini without being  too revealing. Her pinned back waves add to the casual feel of this look.



Jordin Sparks seems to struggle with the casual red carpet look.  The Beetlejuice dress, Jersey girl hair, and statement shoes – none of this works, TOGETHER. Jordin should have picked one – I vote for the shoes – and made it the star of her look.



I’m all for trying trends and maintaining your individuality when you join a group but Fifth Harmony has to get this together. They don’t have to be dresses in Miss Tina’s finest a la Destiny’s Child in the early 2000s, but if they’re attending as a group there should be some cohesiveness to the look, whether that’s a unified color, fabric or style. Each girl looks like she’s trying out whatever trend she read about that morning and none of them seem to work. There’s too much going on in this photo and to be honest, it’s a bit dark dreary for such a lively event.



Let’s just call the Pretty Little Liars star Slay Mitchell. Her mini is super cute and shows just the right amount of skin. A low pony with a center part lets the details on her dress take center stage. Love it!



Oh Britney Spears. It might have been easier to forgive this look if they hadn’t shown flashbacks from her previous Teen Choice Awards looks. Brit herself looks healthy but this dress and hair combo is venturing into “mom trying to be young and hip” territory.


TCA Sarah Hyland


Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland is another young starlet who gets it right every time! Her strappy sandals give an otherwise casual crop top and shorts set a grown up feel and I love the hair!


Which looks do you love from last night’s Teen Choice Awards? Let me know in the comments section!

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