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Texas State Fair Tickets: Best Thing I Bought All Month

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Travel-wise, 2014 has been pretty good to me! Not only did I get the chance to explore Brasil, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit two new cities this month, most recently Dallas for my friend’s nuptials. With downtime the day after the wedding, I was able to attend the much hyped Texas State Fair, making my entry ticket the best thing I bought all month.


The State Fair of Texas is an annual three week celebration full of games, rides, livestock exhibitions (yes you read that right), and some of the wackiest – but most delicious – fried foods you’ll ever try in your life.

Fried Chicken Skin. Just the skin? Because who needs the nutritious part right?

Fried Chicken Skin. Just the skin? Because who needs the nutritious part right?

There are plenty of “regular” foods at the fair like hamburgers but don’t waste your appetite on something you could buy at McDonald’s – you have to try their fried goodies.  For the less adventurous there’s the signature “Corny Dog” – also known as a “Corn Dog” outside Texas” but if you REALLY want to get the State Fair experience try their less traditional delicacies like fried milk and cookies – yes, I typed that correctly and you read it right – or  fried cake batter. No, fried cake batter is not a zeppole or a beignet. It’s fried cake batter and its delicious.  Try a few.


State Fair Fried Cake Batter

State Fair of Texas Ewe Sign

Things you tell you’re friends after an all fried everything meal…

I also stopped by the livestock exhibitions. Living in NYC I don’t see cows, horses, and sheep up close ever, so even if these animals were caged off it was cool to see.


State Fair of Texas Horses

(Not so) Wild Horses

Texas State Fair Cow

Don’t worry, they didn’t feed her to us later… I hope!


Of course, like any good fair there are plenty of rides. I personally didn’t try any because my love for limited edition deep fat food outweighed any desire to be “thrilled” on a Sunday morning so I devoted my last few hours in Dallas entirely to eating. You can also check out the car exhibit which I simply glazed over since I have no personal interest.


I think this car was supposed to be impressive? I dunno.

I think this car was supposed to be impressive? I dunno.


If you go…


Arrive early and comfortable

The fair opens up around 10am and goes late night. Most people aren’t there right when it opens – especially on a Sunday in the South cause you know, Jesus – so if you want to avoid long lines try to be among the first in the park. You WILL do a lot of walking and the fairgrounds is HUGE so secure sneakers are a must. Especially if you plan to get on any of those rides I avoided.


Bring an appetite.
State Fair Milk and Cookies

Don’t judge me (Beyoncé voice)

Seriously. There’s SOOO much food. If you’ve never been and don’t live close you’ll want to try it all. Don’t set yourself up for failure by preparing with a snack. Unless that snack is vegetables because those are scarce.

Wait before you purchase your tickets.

State Fair Program

There are little machines and stands ALL OVER for you to purchase tickets. Don’t wait in the long line at the fair entrance when you can literally walk 20 steps and find three vacant machines. Also, make sure you actually USE all your tickets. When I got home and realized I had a few extras hidden in my bag I cried thinking of all the fried snickers I could’ve consumed.


Take lots of pictures.

Me and Big Tex. And Beyoncé.


Somehow with all those great photo opportunities I didn’t manage to take enough photos. Perhaps it was because I was too busy prowling for fried foods. I had an amazing time, but there’s not enough proof for the ‘gram!!


Have you ever been to the Texas State Fair? What’s your favorite part?

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