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The 4 items you MUST pick up from Marc Jacobs’ beauty line

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Marc Jacobs debuted his first beauty line at Sephora last Friday, complete with 121 products. Across the board, this collection includes long lasting products with high shine, and Jacobs wasn’t shy about using gel technology as often as possible,  Want to know which products are worth buying? Read below.

Gel high-liner

I swore up and down that my beauty-lution this year would be to work on liquid liner – but I HAD to take a break on that and opt for this Gel crayon. The new gel technology makes it long-lasting and waterproof (I tested it to my hand and it took FOUR washes before it rubbed off!), not to mention easy to apply. If you’ve got dark skin let the “Intro (vert)” add a fun pop on your skin, for fair or olive skin try the bronze, shimmery Ro (Cocoa)”.

Style Eye-con No. 7

Style Eye-con No. 7 "The Vamp", $59

Style Eye-con No. 7 “The Vamp”, $59

At $59 this seven-shadow palette is a better investment than the $42 eye-con No. 3 which only gives you three colors. Choose “Starlet” or “Lolita” if you prefer a more natural look, go for “The Vamp” if you’d like to experiment with different shades.

Lust for Lacquer

Lip Lacquer "Boom Boom", $28

Lip Lacquer “Boom Boom”, $28

Hate how you  have to reapply your lip gloss 100 times a day but not really a lipstick girl? Try the Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl – Full. This fully pigmented, plumping formula is infused with antioxidants, essential oils, and a hint of effervescence for a perfect pout with the highest shine. “Boom Boom” closelyresembles the”Heaux” shade of lipstick from RiRiHeartsMAC but is far more moisturizing than MAC’s matte version.


A well done manicure is HIGHLY underrated. Use Flourescent Beige” for a nude or French manicure. Put Glinda” over another shade to add a textured sparkle to your mani, and top EVERYTHING with “Shiny” to add even more luster. Despite its chip-resistant technology these nail lacquers are easy to take off with nail polish remover – even the glittery Glinda.


The Marc Jacobs beauty line is available now at Sephora, and the Marc Jacobs beauty store at 385 Bleecker St. in New York City. Have fun experimenting!

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