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The Jay Z Effect: Don’t Mess with the Roc!

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What would you do if you met your idol, a living legend in the flesh?! Ask for a selfie for the gram, right?! Mmmm… stop and rethink that. The Jay Z Effect shows how that might not be a good life decision.

In this dramedy based on a true story, New York City DJ JUSS meets Jay Z at a VMA after party and enthusiastically asks for a photo. Of course Jay shoots Juss down, perhaps because he requested the photo in a public restroom of all places, but that doesn’t stop Juss from getting his usie! He may have grabbed a few thousand likes and gone viral, but that Juss doesn’t realize how much his 15 minutes of social media fame will cost.

Released in celebration of Jay’s 45th birthday, The Jay Z Effect is a short film about  how your whole life – yes career, relationships and even your wardrobe – might suffer if you try to mess with your favorite rappers favorite rapper. Feel free to forward this to Karreuche if you get the chance – she clearly doesn’t know what she’s got coming.

Starring DJ Juss as himself and featuring cameos from DJ Quiana Parks and Rotimi (Starz’s Boss, Divergent) The Jay Z Effect is a hilarious fictitious account of what could happen if you decided to challenge Jay Z’s influence in New York City. Check the short film for yourself:

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