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Foolproof Tips for Shopping Designer Collaborations

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Designer collaborations are a frugal fashionistas dream! We get to own designs by our favorite high end designers without spending half of our paychecks.  How can you get the most out of your cheap chic shopping trip? Here are a few tips to follow the next time your favorite designer does a collaboration.


Pick out your favorite pieces in advance
Competition to get these items can be fierce! Usually lookbooks are released about a month before the collection launches. Check out your favorite pieces and decide which items you HAVE to add to your wardrobe. Make sure you take note of their price so you can budget appropriately!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Home Decor

Listen to your favorite bloggers

Bloggers and editors get early access to shop these collections. Check out what your favorite bloggers have to say about the collection. Does it run large or true to size? Do the items look cheap? See what your favorites have to say!!


Wake up early!
These collections are limited edition so they sell out quickly! Your chances of getting what you want are better if you get to the store early. Otherwise you may be stuck grabbing what is left in the afternoon or stalking the store for returns a week later. Been there done that, hope it never happens again.

Milly for Kohls

Shop with friends…
This strategy isn’t only meant for thrifting. Know each other’s sizes so you can divide and conquer. She can be in the bathing suit section for both of you while you grab the purses!


… and/or make friends

Since I’m a regular at these things, I sometimes run into the same people. Once I was shopping and met Yissel Ayala of Fashion Plus Geekery. When she was evaluating how many of her pieces she actually wanted she gave me a bag she decided she didn’t really need. That’s a win for me!



Check back for your favorite pieces!

Sometimes people buy a few sizes and make returns. If you really want something but can’t get it the first day keep checking back to see if anyone brought it back. You’ll be surprised how much you can find lurking around the fitting room.


Whether you’re stocking up on beach essentials with Lilly Pulitzer for Target, stalking everyday essentials from Milly for Kohl’s be sure to remember these tips when shopping your favorite cheap chic designers!

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