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Tired Trends and Toxic Friends: Know When to Let Them Go

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Spring cleaning means gutting all aspects of my life – including tragic trends and toxic friends. My peplum skirt and a short-lived friendship, two casualties of this year’s purge, forced me to evaluate what I allow to stay in my life, and how to decide it’s time to let go.

It took a bit too long to realize neither the trend nor friend deserved a place in my life. Neither blended seamlessly with the rest of my life, but I gave them both a chance, in the spirit of being open to new experiences.


This peplum skirt was too grandiose from the beginning. I was always mindful to avoid trend overload by pairing it with simple tops, and while it made a great fashion forward piece for work, it’s too stuffy to transition to weekend or nighttime outings. Creating flattering looks seemed to be more work than it was worth.


As far as my friend, I should’ve known better about her too. Her boisterous personality didn’t mesh well with the regular company I keep, so having her in my life meant monitoring where I could invite her. Sure, she made for a great happy hour companion but not someone I could count on to vent my frustrations or provide a place to crash for the weekend. It seemed I was changing myself for this friendship, but wasn’t really getting anything out of it. Huge red flag!


I’ve learned a lot from these failed partnerships. One lesson being it’s fine to compartmentalize your clothes and friends, but it’s important to evaluate their overall impact on your life. My other major lesson is realizing when to let things go. At times we allow something bad into our life because it fills a temporary void. Once you’ve filled that void with something healthy, don’t be afraid to take that temporary place filler out of your life.


Blouse ~ LOFT by Ann Taylor | Skirt ~ Express | Tights ~ Leggs | Booties ~ Bakers | Coat ~ Victoria’s Secret

So I’ve decided to part ways with both peplum and this friend. We had a good run, but it’s time to close the door on that phase in my life and move on to more compatible experiences. I’ll take the skirt to GoodWill where it can find a better home, and as for my friend? Let’s hope she’s also moved on to someone who would appreciate her more than I can.

What I won’t do is pretend these trends and friends never happened.  At some point, no matter how brief or minimal, these trends and friends brought me a sense of joy. Though their time in my life has since expired, I’ll respect the relationships for when they were at their best and reflect positively on the good times we had together. They may not be around for the long run, but at least I got a some funny memories and  a few like-worthy Instagram pictures!



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