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True Life: I just had my first facial

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True Life: I’ve never had a facial.


I know, I know. I blog about beauty, obsess over makeup and skincare, but I’ve never had a professional facial done; how is that possible? To be honest I’ve been a bit cheap and lazy. As a huge fan of DIY beauty treatments, and I find solace in letting a good mask soak up all my impurities while I watch my favorite TV show. Even though I enjoy the money saved by a good DIY treatment, there’s nothing like having a professional work their magic on you. That’s why when NYC esthetician Necia Whitmore invited me to her studio I jumped at the chance  for a Clarifying Facial!

Necia has sculpted my eyebrows in the past and I liked her attention to detail as well as willingness to listen to my concerns wso I trusted her for a facial. I’ve had very bad experiences when a beautician decided that their expertise trumped my wants and feelings so I was happy about Necia’s willingness to work with my specific requests.


Before Necia Whitmore Facial

Necia protected my hair with a a cloth – crucial! – then  started by cleaning off all my makeup with a gentle cleanser and cotton pads. She used a fancy steamer to open up my pores (I usually just sit in sauna at my gym) and even lowered the temperature when I told her it was WAY too hot for my sensitive skin to handle.

Living Fiesta - Necia Whitmore Facial Products

After my face was cleaned and pores opened up, she exfoliated to help me get rid of any dead skin and followed with a therapeutic mud mask to draw out my impurities.  It’s best to use masks and exfoliating treatments after you’ve opened your pores so that the products can really get deep into your skin and work their magic! Now that the dirt and oil were all extracted, it was time for a brightening serum (that helps get rid of the dark spots) and moisturizer.

Living Fiesta - Necia Whitmore Facial Light

When we were done Necia shined an extremely bright light to get a good look at my face and diagnose my skin. The hyper-pigmentation was obvious and though I didn’t have many blackheads – I’ll thank St. Ives’ Green Tea Scrub  for that-  she did notice a few whiteheads in the nose area.

Living Fiesta - Necia Whitmore Facial After


I told Necia I’ve been hesitant about facials since an old boss told me they hurt and that she’d usually break out after one. Necia let me know that’s NOT supposed to be the norm, and that if I experienced any irritation after the facial I should give her a call. Two weeks later I can let you know I haven’t had any problems! My skin stayed super smooth for a little over a week, even though I maintained my regular makeup routine and I’ve only seen a few pimples but those went away with a DIY mask. Hyperpigmentation won’t fade immediately, according to Necia I’ll have to continue weekly facials for a few months to see those results, but how soft my skin feels for a full week is enough instant gratification for me at the moment!


Even if you’re not battling acne or hyperpigmentation, facials are key to keeping your skin clear, smooth and wrinkle-free. Look into doing a basic facial once a month to keep your skin glowing!

If you go:

Let her know your skin concerns: Necia, like many estheticians, offers different types of facials based on your skincare concerns. Whether your main concern is anti-aging, acne or sensitive skin let her know so that she can give you the best experience for your skin needs.

Enjoy the vibe. Necia’s got a calm play list that’s just upbeat enough to prevent you from falling asleep.

Book in advance.  Necia shares her studio with another esthetician so there’s a possibility she might already be booked. Call ahead especially on Thursdays – that’s her busiest time.

Save a little money.  Not everyone has the money for facials, but taking care of your skin is important!! Necia currently has a Groupon deal where you can get a 30 minute express  facial for $29, book three 30 minute facials for $75 or a 60 minute facial for $49.


Have you ever had a professional facial? What was your experience like?



*Full disclosure: Services were provided free in exchange for this post. Necia may have provided the tools and products, but the thoughts are all mine!*

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