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Coming Soon! Urban Decay’s Naked Vault

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I have a slight obsession with Urban Decay’s Naked 3. I literally use EVERY shade, I take it on every trip and I’ve been feigning for other Naked products including their glosses and “Flushed” bronzer/highlighter/blush palettes. It’s as if Urban Decay has read my makeup loving mind because yesterday the brand announced on tumblr  that they’re debuting a limited edition set of our favs called the ‘Naked Vault’!

Urban Decay Naked Vault 2

The Naked Vault is an ultra-luxe 12 piece set which includes their most coveted Naked items. This case has all three Naked eye shadow palettes with accompanying double-ended eye pencils for each, three Flushed palettes (Naked, Native, Streak), and three Ultra nourishing lipglosses (Nooner, Rule34 and Streak). Urban Decay is great at making an assortment of color that work on all skin tones so there are LITERALLY a multitude of options for everyone in this arsenal!


Urban Decay Naked Vault 3

If you purchased each of these items individually you’d spend about $360 but at $280 this set is a steal! Buying the Vault means you don’t need to purchase any makeup for another year outside of primers, foundation and mascara. I can also see this kit as beneficial in a house full of women, think sorority houses or apartments with 3-4 roommates, who constantly steal each other’s makeup. If that’s you, ask everyone to split the cost and keep your Naked Vault in a communal place where everyone has access whenever they want. Just be sure to keep your brushes clean  cause you know, germs.

Urban Decay’s Naked Vault will be available Thursday October 30 on Urban Decay’s website. So far, there is no information about whether it will be sold anywhere else.

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  • I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never had anything from the Naked collection. Where should I start?

    • I’d DEFINITELY recommend starting with the Naked 3. The “Taupe” Naked 2 seems to be the most popular but I think the “Rose Gold” 3 has the best options for people of African and Indian descent.