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I became a Vanity Vegan and it changed my life

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On August 13, 22 days before Beyonce’s 34th birthday I embarked on a 22 days challenge to eat completely vegan – to the best of my knowledge – and it was surprisingly easier on me than I thought…

Why now? Because my waistline is out of control, and I wanted to see if adopting a vegan diet would help me keep it in check, while also clearing up my skin. I did it more for vanity reasons than ethical – though I do love animals – so you can call it a physical cleanse and you can call me a “Vanity Vegan”.

I call myself a Vanity Vegan because my diet is more about my concern for my appearance than my concern for the treatment of animals; kind of like how Western women practice yoga for flat abs instead of realizing thyself. I haven’t given up genuine leather bags and I’m still burning wax candles, but I’m following the same diet restrictions your average Vegan would in hopes that I would reap some of the beauty benefits.


Living Fiesta Vegan Challenge Day 1

First and foremost yes, being vegan cleared up my skin! I’ve mentioned my ongoing battle with acne and dark spots before and while I’ll happily invest in products and tools to combat those problems, I realize that what you put on your body isn’t as important as what you put IN it.


Living Fiesta Vegan Challenge Day 26 Face

Within two weeks my dark spots started to fade! Full disclosure – I was also using the Murad 3-step facial cleansing system, and when that ran out the Shea Terr liquid black soap, but I feel like the diet did more for my skin than the products alone.

Of course clearer skin makes me happy, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope to lose weight during this challenge. By day 22 I was down seven and a half pounds and as of today I’m down a total of 10!

Living Fiesta Vegan Challenge Day 1 Body

Day 14

Day 14


By the end of my 22 days I really liked the way I felt and was motivated to continue doing better so I decided to stay vegan.  I’m no nutritionist, just a woman hoping a change in diet would change my body for the better, but I do suggest anyone looking to shed a few pounds or fight acne/hyperpigmentation try a vegan diet at some point.

Being vegan means eating anything I don’t cook myself requires asking a million questions about the ingredients and cooking methods. I found out there were tons of foods I couldn’t eat and a surprising amount of foods I could still enjoy; but most importantly I became more conscious of what I was putting in my mouth.

Will I ever go back to eating meat or animal products? I still don’t know. As of today, Day 62, I’m still committing to my vegan diet and considering steering towards a vegan lifestyle. Maybe one day I’ll take the Beyonce approach and adjust my diet to be plant-based rather than truly vegan but for now, I’m enjoying the acne-free skin and ab definition that comes from skipping out on fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits. 😉


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