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[VIDEO]: Empire’s Cookie Lyon – Fab or Fug?

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Are You Watching Empire? There’s a million things to love about FOX’s hit show and if the juicy storyline isn’t enough to catch your attention Cookie Lyon’s wardrobe sure is!


Cookie Lyon 3

Here’s the scoop – Cookie Lyon, the lead female character on Empire, was recently released from a 15 year prison stint and is back to claim her half of the music company she did time for. She’s a boss lady in every sense of the phrase and of course she needs a fierce wardrobe to match her personality! Cookie may be a free woman in 2015 but her style is straight up inspired by the ’99 and the two thou. She loves animal prints and huge furs but is her look too overbearing to be cute?


In the latest installment of Hello Beautiful’s Fab or Fug? Stuff Fly People Like’s Rae Holliday and Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey weigh in on Cookie Lyon’s looks thus far. She’s constantly serving “BAPS 2015” but is she fab or fug? Check out their thoughts in the video below:


As a fan of the 90s I personally love Cookie’s style! That era may have spawned a number of regrettable #tbt pics but there’s something to be said about unapologetic style experimentation and I respect Cookie ability to give us a modern, more chic version of those fashion trends! The experts have weighed in but what do you think? Is Cookie Lyon fab in her eye catching ensembles or are her looks so gaudy they’ve got to go? Sound off in the comments section below!!

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