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10 Clever Tips for Weekend Getaway Packing!

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Packing for a weekend getaway can be trickier than you think. You want to bring everything you need but would like to avoid overpacking too many heavy bags. Here are 8 tips to minimize your luggage but get the most out of what you do bring along.


Weekend Packing List

1) Make a list: Check the weather, plan your activities – do everything necessary to make sure you know how to dress.  Create a list of exactly what you’ll need while away and stick to it. No need to bring bulky “just in case” items like raincoats or dancing shoes if there’s a 95% chance you won’t need them.

2) Start packing in advance: Start packing two weeks before a short trip, one month for long ones. Put items in little by little and as you get closer to the trip date you’ll realize what you don’t need and what you should add.



3) Pick a color scheme:  I usually prefer red, black and white. A color scheme allows you to repurpose items like shoes, accessories and even makeup to avoid overpacking. Bonus, if you mix and match your tops and bottoms you can change your mind last minute about an outfit!



4) Pack rewearable pieces like denim: If your trip is three days or shorter you could literally wear the same pair of jeans everyday and just change  your tops. Okay you may not want to do this everyday, but know that it’s an option.




5) Limit yourself to three shoes: Three may sound like a little (or a lot) but I guarantee you can make it from Friday to Monday with three pairs or less. I generally bring workout sneakers, going out shoes, and a casual shoe such as flats, Keds, or sandals. Plan all your outfits around those shoes –  but make sure they’re in line with your color scheme!



6) Pack sample sized beauty products. Weekend trips are a great time to use those tiny samples you get from Birchbox. No need to carry a full bottles of fragrance, shampoo or facewash – you probably won’t use more than an ounce or two in one weekend.

7) Stuff unmentionables in your shoes: Socks and underwear can take up more space than you think. Stuff them into your shoes to save even more space. Hint: socks and underwear fit perfectly into bra cups and help them keep shape!



8) Emphasize accessories:  Accessories take up less space than clothes but can completely change the look of an outfit. If you’ll be rewearing the same bottoms or shoes you’ll want to do something to make each outfit look different. Pack as many different scarves, belts, and necklaces as you can squeeze in to make it look like you came with a full wardrobe!


9) Less is more: When it comes to beauty less is more. Your best bet is to opt for a neutral look that will complement any outfit you wear. If you prefer a little more personality, bring along an eyeshadow palette like Urban Decay’s Vice 3 that lets you create a statement eye but still has options for a neutral look.

10) Travel to and from your destination in the same clothes: A lightweight jacket or hoody, leggings/joggers and your bulkiest pair of shoes are the perfect travel outfit. You’ll be super comfortable and the clothes won’t be dirty so it’s okay to wear them on the return trip.


Got an upcoming weekend getaway planned? What are your favorite packing tips?

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