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What I Learned from the #NoBareLips30 Challenge

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Last month I took part in #NoBareLips30 – a challenge to wear lipstick everyday without buying anything new. Though the challenge ended, I find I still tend to put on lipstick most days and I like the way I look since I’ve had more practice



The Power of a Nude Lip

Back when I didn’t understand the concept of “no makeup makeup” I really couldn’t get down with a “nude” lip. I’m supposed to apply lipstick that makes it look like I have no lipstick on – huh? After my experience with Yvonne at the Make Up For Ever HD Blush Celebration, I found out nude lipstick can be an understated sexy! The right nude can make your lips look fuller, and since its not a bright hue, it won’t rub off on your wine glass or smudge onto someone’s cheek. Nude lips have definitely been integrated into my makeup routine!

Lip Liner is a Life Saver!

Another concept I wasn’t always fond of is was lip liner – you gotta trace your lips before you fill them in like a kindergartner? During this challenge I’ve learned lip liner isn’t just for the lipstick applying challenged – it actually has other helpful uses. My favorite new tip is using lip liner for lipsticks that may look a bit ashy against my skin. I’ve found that lining my lips first with a darker color can give bright lipsticks a different tint. Turns out I don’t have to throw out all those shades that weren’t perfect for me on their own!


Ain’t nothing wrong with a full face!

As a makeup minimalist, I usually choose to focus either on my eyes or my lips – not both. As a eyeshadow junkie, I wasn’t going to let my  daily lipstick choices  leave me with naked lids for a whole month so I was forced to practice wearing both. I still prefer one or the other, but I’ve mastered the art of blending eyeshadows and liners that work with my lipstick instead of making me look like a clown.



How to take better selfies

I started doing them years before it was an official word, but I still haven’t discovered the recipe for a perfect selfie. What are my best angles? How do I find the light? Sexy smize or gangsta face? Since I’ve taken more than 30 pictures a day just to get one good enough to post, I’ve gotten better at perfecting my selfie!


Over the past month I’ve seen various women use #NoBareLips30 across social media and I’ve learned so much from them as well! I’ve been inspired to try new shades from brands I haven’t used before, as well as consider mixing different hues to create a new colors. The Spring edition of #NoBareLips30 was a lot of fun and I look forward to incorporating what I’ve learned this season in the future!!

Did you participate in #NoBareLips30? What did you discover about yourself and lipstick?


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